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One week to go!



2017 Retreat workshop

This year’s workshop section gonna be VERY different!

The World Café (世界咖啡館) will be the way to brainstorm around the topic ‘How to make the best arrangement with limited resource to confront the scenarios in your daily and academic life?'(面對研究與生活中的各種狀況,如何在有限的資源下做最好的安排?) and there would be various subtopics, so you CAN choose the topic you like, get involved, and start to share. Life is full of surprise and problems need to tackle and we’d like to survey which subtopics you want to discuss the most.

So help us finish the table below, and we’ll talk more in the workshop.

Snacks and drinks, including non-soft drinks of course, would supplied during the section 😛
Deadline for this is also 2017/07/05 24:00 Taipei local time.

Location for 2017 retreat

We’re glad to announce this year we’ll host the retreat in The Great Root forestry spa resort (大板根溫泉森林溫泉渡假村)(website) from Aug 29 to Aug 30.

Below is the introduction video of this beautiful place full of Phytoncide at north Taiwan.

Leave all the stress behind at your lab bench and let the pure greenness and knowledge flux into your eyes. Don’t hesitate to give yourself a chance to enjoy this pure happiness. We’re waiting for your coming ❤