The Genome and Systems Biology (GSB) Degree Program, which is the first launched integrative Systems Biology Degree Program in Taiwan, has congregated the outstanding faculty and experts from NTU, as well as from various institutes in Academia Sinica.

For now, we have 83 faculties and over 50 students.We think a retreat meeting could help us to know each other better. We could share our recently work and experiences in study, research and life with each other. Further more, through this meeting we could also find opportunities to collaborate with people in this program.

For students, this is also an opportunity to find a rotation lab or an adviser. The GSB Degree program, started the preparatory status in 2008, has approved by Ministry of Education, the R.O.C. and officially launched in 2010 for its PhD training program.


Activities in the Retreat

  • Invited speech
  • Oral presentation
  • 3min Lab promotion
  • Mini-workshop